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Your assignment

In the service of sister company TRplus, you will be deployed for various types of assignments in the context of Business Intelligence at our customers. When choosing the assignment, your personal area of ​​interest and specializations are taken into account. Additional training can be provided internally (eg SAS, Power BI, etc.).

​Your duties

  • Test case design: preparation and optimisation of test scenarios;

  • Test execution: manual execution of test scenarios and reporting of bugs;

  • Test automation: automating the execution of test scenarios;

  • Data-related quality assignments: data input, migration, cleansing, validation, control, etc.;

  • Scanning assignments;

  • Recognising certain items in images;

  • Creating user manuals;

Your profile

  • A diagnosis within the autism spectrum;

  • At least an above-average interest in computer science;

  • Highly proficient in English;

  • Comfortable commuting by public transport;

  • Open to guidance by a job coach.

Your extra assets

  • Proficient in French;

  • Knowledgeable in computer science (databases, programming).

Working at Passwerk, why?​

  • You are part of a professional, competitive company with a unique market position and a very positive image.

  • During the intake process, you will be trained at a professional level as software test engineer using ISTQB.

  • We look for a custom assignment, based on your specific talents and interests. We take into account an environment that suits your personality.

  • You enjoy long-term support from a specialized job coach. Your coach ensures that you can work in optimal conditions and offers you extra support where necessary.

  • In the context of a new assignment with a customer, the classic job interview is avoided.

  • We offer you the opportunity to improve or further expand your technical knowledge level over time.

  • You enjoy a competitive salary package.


Professional added value due to autism spectrum profile

Passwerk's services are based on the qualities of people with an autism spectrum profile. It is precisely because of their autism that this group of people has exceptional qualities that are very valuable in the context of the services we offer to our clients. Passwerk communicates openly to the outside world—including our clients—that our consultants all have an autism spectrum profile and a normal to high aptitude.

Place of employment

The majority of our assignments are carried out on site, i.e. on location with our clients. In exceptional cases, assignments can also be carried out from one of our offices in Berchem (near Antwerp), Brussels, Hasselt or Roeselare. Passwerk strives to ensure that the one-way commute to an assignment is no more than one hour. Many of our clients are located in the Brussels region, but assignments are also carried out in the Flemish regions. For example, our West Flemish test engineers/QA specialists are mainly deployed in the West Flanders region.

Preparation of the assignment

Before a consultant is deployed for a new assignment with a client, a job coach will perform a site survey. Both the environment in which the assignment will be carried out and the corporate culture of the client are mapped out. This allows us to make a good estimation of the stimuli that may be present. We take this information into account when choosing the most suitable candidate. This decision will also include an evaluation of which consultant is best qualified for the new assignment in terms of technical profile.


If desired, before the assignment begins, your job coach will accompany you on the journey by public transport to the client and assist you in getting acquainted with your future work environment.

Successful start

To ensure a successful start, your job coach will be present at the start of the assignment.

Job coaching

Our job coaches are experienced in working with people with autism and have knowledge of software testing. As a Passwerk consultant, you will be assigned an individual job coach who will monitor you throughout your employment at Passwerk.


Your job coach will provide bespoke guidance and support. You can always contact your job coach yourself, but he or she will always contact you during the first few weeks of a new project:

  • Daily (via email or telephone), to get a measure for any stresses/uncertainties;

  • Every week or fortnight, the job coach will visit your workplace for an interview. This will give you the opportunity to identify issues, indicate bottlenecks, discuss specific situations, etc.

  • The job coach will also have weekly or fortnightly contact with your regular contact person at the client's location. It is the goal of every job coach to make sure that you can work in optimal conditions.


When you join Passwerk, you will first follow an internal training course to become a software tester. This is a specialised training course that normally lasts 3 to 4 weeks and ends with an exam to obtain a certificate in software testing (ISTQB). You will learn to work with test management and automation tools. You will also follow additional training courses to acquire additional general knowledge (e.g. SQL, XML, Selenium) or specific knowledge (e.g. test automation) as part of a specific assignment. We try to organise our courses in such a way that they are optimally suited to your personal learning style.


Please apply through this website.


​Please note that your application has only been successfully registered once you have received an email from us.


If, based on an analysis of your data, you are a suitable candidate, you will be put on a waiting list. As soon as Passwerk has room for expansion, this waiting list will be consulted chronologically and suitable candidates will be invited for an initial introductory interview at the relevant regional office. Two job coaches will be present during this interview.

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