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  • Joren, 24 years old


    Region: Bruges - Roeselare -

    Kortrijk - On Remote

    Joren is a full stack developer with a preference in Java development and has a first professional experience. He's committed to write clean and robust code where his collegues can build on further when needed. Joren executes his tasks with a strong focus and likes to dive into the subject to find the best suited solution. He also knows that development is more then just writing code, he likes to add good testing within the written software.

  • Jonas, 26 years old


    Region: Aalst - Ghent - Brussels -

    On remote

    Jonas is the example of an intelligent young potential. He just finished his bachelor degree and is eager to start his career as a software engineer. Jonas is a full stack engineer with a preference in backend. With his analytical mindset he likes to develop functional software. In his spare time Jonas likes to develop algorithms and modifications for games. He also spends a lot of time to learn more of his well-known coding languages.

  • Joost, 41 years old



    Region: Antwerp - Brussels - Kempen - On Remote


    Joost is a particularly hardworking and perseverant profile with a diverse professional background. A few years ago, Joost made the career switch from being a PR-officer to become a committed software-developer. His excellent results during training at the Amsterdam Hogeschool together with succesful professional experience, proved his distinctive talent as a software developer, in particular in Java development.


    Developer profile: Backend

  • Maxim, 28 years old



    Region: South West Flanders - Ghent - On Remote

    Maxim is a full stack developer with a first experience who has an Academic Bachelor in Computer Science and a large field of interest. His critical brain in combination with a high dose of creativity ensures that he can fully control complex problems. He gets his satisfaction from optimizing existing material, which he tackles with a perfectionist pencil.

  • Marnik, 30 years old



    Region: Antwerp - On Remote

    Marnik is a creative & detail-oriented software developer with a critical mindset. Through his strong interest and talent for ICT: Marnik successfully received his graduate degree informatics as well as his professional bachelor in applied informatics. Furthermore, Marnik combines this academic background with 2 years of experience as a software developer specialized in programming languages s.a.: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java & C#.


    Developer profile: Frontend

  • Dorssen, 21 years old



    Region: Hasselt - Brussels - On Remote


    Dorssen is a young development-talent who is eager to show his skillset in a professional environment. During his educational trajectory Dorssen has obtained a solid base in C++ & C#- development. With his ability to learn and pick up things quickly, Dorssen will make sure he proves his value as a softwaredeveloper in no time. Furthermore, Dorssen lived in various places around the world which gave him an international attitude and flexible mindset.

  • Daan, 26 years old

    Region: Limburg - Leuven -

    Brussels - On Remote

    Daan is a young development-talent who is on the verge of obtaining his professional bachelor degree in Applied Informatics. It's his ambitious mindset and professional hunger that makes him pro-actively look for opportunities on the jobmarket through TRplus. Daan characterizes himself foremost as a JAVA-developer but has a broad interest/knowledge in other programming languages s.a. HTML, C++, Python or Javascript as well.


    Developer profile: Backend

  • Ruben, 27 years old



    Region: Kempen - Antwerp - On Remote

    Ruben is a very talented software developer who is strongly focused on the continuous improvement of his knowledge and skills. This attitude is clearly evident in his leisure activities, filled with IT-related challenges like website -, application -and game development. Combined with his various professional experiences, this makes Ruben a very versatile profile who’s very well up to date.


    For a complete overview of Ruben's porfolio, check: www.rubenlabruyere.be

  • Pol, 24 years old



    Region: Ghent - On Remote


    Pol is a full stack developer who successfully completed his first professional steps as a developer. He combines a strong technical background with analytical skills witch translates into very accurate code. Driven by his passion for IT and his eagerness to learn, he likes to deepen his gained knowledge in his spare time. Pol is characterized as a critical person who likes to work with the feedback he receives from others.

  • Jeff, 26 years old



    Region: Kempen - Hasselt - Antwerp - On Remote

    Jeff is an analytical, detail-oriented and driven software developer who is always looking to challenge himself. In combination with his outstanding sense of responsibility and ability to learn, Jeff will make sure he is of high value to his clients. In addition, his excellent results during educational training proved his strong talent and skillset in .Net software development.

  • Koen V, 28 years old



    Region: Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels - On Remote

    Koen is a result-oriented, efficient and duty-conscious software developer. Through a strong affinity and a great deal of talent for ICT, Koen achieved his Professional Bachelor Electronics-ICT with conviction. He has succesfully applied his academic baggage over the last 3.5 years in various professional contexts. In addition to his technical profile, Koen is also characterized by a pleasant and sincere social interaction.

  • Koen W, 27 years old



    Region: Hasselt - Kempen - On Remote


    Koen is a motivated and professional software developer who is also deployable in the field of business intelligence. Koen has an enthusiastic personality and is always willing to give his absolute best. Furthermore, Koen has succesfully achieved his professional bachelor degree in applied informatics, and thereafter received the degree of SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4.

  • Jonah, 21 years old



    Region: Kortrijk - Waregem - On Remote


    Jonah is a full stack web developer with a wide interest. His passion for development does not only reflect in his study carreer but also in Jonah's spare time where he likes to learn new technology's and implementing the gained knowledge into projects. He is someone who takes feedback as a positive form of improvement.

  • Robin, 23 years old



    Region: Antwerp - Kempen - On Remote

    Robin is a detailed and passionate software developer who is full of ambition to use his talent into a professional environment. He has a unique problem-solving mindset and a solid theoretical and technical background which he obtained during his ‘Applied Informatics’ education. Furthermore Robin has a truly versatile profile that makes him deployable in both C#- or .Netenvironments as well as Java-environments.

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