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TRplus gives shape to our great ambition to further broaden the activities of Passwerk to other areas in which the typical qualities of people with autism form a strong added value. This symbiosis manifests itself in numerous, highly valued functions. TRplus tries to identify these and create opportunities around them for as many people with autism as possible. The basis for this is always taken from the success model of sister company Passwerk.

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Founded by Passwerk
Consultants with autism
Job coaching for consultants
Software development,
Business Intelligence, Security Operations Center, X-ray screening

TRplus was set up as a sister company of Passwerk in 2017. Initially, the focus was entirely on activating qualified software developers with autism in the regular, professional employment circuit. This initial focus has since been further broadened with three additional areas of expertise in which people with autism can excel: Business intelligence, Security Operations Center and X-ray screening. Passwerk’s model, which has proven its absolute added value for the professional activation of software test engineers with autism since 2008, is always the source of inspiration.


Our services

Software development

Qualified software developers with expertise in Java, .Net, C#, C++, PHP, etc.

Security Operations Center

Rigorous SOC analysts who guarantee watertight security for your systems.

Business Intelligence (BI)

SAS (Base & Advanced) and Power BI certified employees.


‘Visual thinkers’ who are perfectly at home in the X-ray screener position.

Software development

Skilled software developers are prize game in the labour market. Highly sought after, but also very hard to find. However, there is a group of qualified developers with autism who, despite this "war for talent", are typically confronted with a difficult job search. It is for these rough diamonds that we want to find a well-deserved place in the professional labour market.


Our software developers excel in the efficient development of high-quality software. Their logical thinking results in logically built and developed software. Furthermore, they follow the rules and procedures like no other, which results in extremely clean code. Their linguistic thinking and logical reasoning tie in perfectly with programming languages. Their generally well-developed creativity is strongly expressed when conceiving new software solutions to particular challenges.


Press the button on the right to meet our software developers. If you are interested in a particular profile, we are happy to organise a non-binding interview with the candidate in question at your location. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the person behind the CV better, on both a personal and a technical level. If both parties are confident that it is a good match, the job coach involved—who is also present at this point of the application—will be happy to discuss the practical steps with you further.

Software development

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Business Intelligence (BI)


Companies and organisations are continuing to accumulate large amounts of data and information. This data is a treasure chest of information for, among others, making strategic decisions, providing customised services and products and developing algorithms in the framework of artificial intelligence.


Our BI consultants provide support in the area of data preparation activities so that the Big Data scientist can use this data. The highly developed analytical thinking skills of our specific group of consultants are extremely useful when working with data. Their perfectionism and sensitivity to details guarantee an almost unrivaled quality. In addition, our BI consultants are creative in devising solutions and they attach great importance to good documentation, which is very valuable in this environment.


We have BI consultants in our team who are specialised in SAS (partnership) and in Power BI from Microsoft.

X-ray screenig

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X-ray screening


There is a subgroup of people within the autism spectrum who are specifically characterised by highly developed visual thinking skills. These ‘visual thinkers’ have very valuable talents that come into their own within the X-ray screener position. More specifically, their eye for detail makes them ideally suited to this important job.

“They process a lot more baggage in one day than any other screener because (unlike other colleagues), they screen a full shift of baggage. Their ability to concentrate is not to be underestimated!”


“We find that they certainly perform as well as other X-ray screeners; their strong visual thinking skills are an asset in this job.”

For the recruitment, selection, and further guidance of recruited candidates, TRplus has developed a partnership with G4S, world leader in the security sector. The specific training for X-ray screener is provided by G4S itself in this process. Each successful candidate joins G4S at the end of the selection process and goes to work for baggage screening at Brussels Airport in Zaventem. A detailed explanation of the X-ray screener selection process, in cooperation with G4S, can be found on the Jobs page.

Watch the video below about our collaboration with G4S

Security Operations Center

Attention for cyber security is a must for every company and organisation. The question is not whether you will ever encounter a security issue but when. It is therefore crucial to monitor activities on separate systems as a preventative measure, to be able to take necessary measures in good time in case of security issues, thus limiting the damage as much as possible.

This monitoring is done by a team of security specialists, including a security operations centre analyst. They monitor the systems and take appropriate actions in case of threats. They continually evaluate the security systems, detect weak points and identify potential opportunities for optimisation.

Our SOC analysts with autism can be deployed in companies that have their own SOC department as well as companies that provide these services to third parties. They excel at this activity because of their meticulous methods (following fixed procedures in case of incidents) and their excellent eye for detail.

Our SOC analysts have a minimum of a Bachelor IT training (or equivalent) and have in-depth knowledge of and interest in networks. We provide a specialised SOC analyst training. This training is concluded with a certification trajectory Cybrary SOC Analyst Level 1.


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